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The Unique Christ is the Only Missionary Foundation

Kristuksen ainutlaatuisuus ja lähetystyön perustelu,
lähetyskurssi syksyllä 2002

Monism, monistic oneness permeats everything
Keywords: Indian & hindu, oneness, Gnosticism, emanation, modernism

Creation, by God, outside of himself
Opposite, difference, personal God, accountability, judgement

Jesus Christ is unique
Difference, absolute difference, uniqueness, one of its kind, sui generis

Jesus Christ is absolute
Decisiveness, fixed point, turning point, foundation

Jesus Christ is exclusive
Other gods, no other name, the only Way, the Truth, Life eternal; 1 Cor. 8

Jesus Christ is final
Finality, no repetition, fulfilment, completion, cosummation in history, in the future

The fact Jesus means mission
Jesus made mission possible and imperative, the missionary equation

The Great (and final) Commission
God's authority, God's mission, God's responsibillity, an exclamation mark of salvation history

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